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The world was broken, a long time ago. We've fought hard to build something better in the aftermath, but we're haunted by the ruins, weapons, and monsters of the past. Will you scratch out a corner of paradise, or will you give in to the temptations of the gun on your hip?

[BXLLET> is a game about systems of violence and power in a world rebuilding itself. As wandering gunslingers, you'll travel the world and do what you can to help the people you encounter. You'll become more powerful the more bullets you carry, but you'll also struggle with the responsibility that power carries with it. Violence will come easily to you, but can you feed crops with rivers of blood?

This game deals with issues of gun violence, exploitation, and apocalypse, and those sensitive to those issues should go into this fully aware. It's not a game for fascists, bigots, capitalists, or their lackeys, and shouldn't be approached from a perspective that boils the complexities of the world into "good guys with guns vs bad guys with guns."

Special thanks to Aliza for her fantastic artistic contributions! Check it out on itch here and twitter here. If you wanna see some juicy teasers for the classes and abilities contained in this zine, check out this thread!

Update (6/8/21): There's a game jam running for BXLLET! Check it out here, and thanks to Vermin for putting it together!

Update (6/4/22): I just released RXLOAD, and we're doing a second BXLLET JXM

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GenreRole Playing
Tagscowboy, Post-apocalyptic, Tabletop role-playing game, zine


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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We build the future hand in hand, one step at a time. If you couldn't check this out otherwise, let this be your invitation. Good luck on your travels.


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This is unbelievably simple and slick, and really nails the Weird West vibe in a major way. I'm really looking forward to playing it!


Hi! This seems super cool. How many players would you recommend for this game?


That's a good question! I tend to lean towards smaller player counts in general, so I think three (one GM and two players) would be what id most recommend. That being said, I've definitely played and enjoyed with more. I think the most I've done was being a player in a group of five, and that was a blast.


Very cool!


​[BXLLET> is absolutely phenomenal. A mechanical punch in the teeth to every gamer-grognard who has ever said “you need complicated mechanics to model combat”.


First off, the title is the mechanic?? This is beautiful ux & and should be everywhere??

Someone listened to belonging outside belonging and resistance system and was like, what if belonging outside resistence? Feels like it’d play really well with this mix. There a desert in the rules and its bones provide shade for playbooks to gather.

There’s a setting to discover through these playbooks that’s a delight to uncover move by move. I like the phoenix cannon. I’ve never used the word ‘harrowing’ before, but i think that’d be how i describe the noise it makes. i read “lockpicking kit” wrong as “letterlocking kit” and smiled at the thought of a scorching sun, fiddly fingerless leather gloves building origami lifeforms out of extinct maps. I love the idea of a CD that keeps having its data rewritten by the magnetic atmosphere around it, guiding the marauder into the gradient descent of chaos.

BOB with dice this is lovely thank you


thank you so much, this is such a great distillation of everything i was going for with this game. gonna be listening to that mix all night now


"the title is the mechanic" Do you mean literally? I don't understand.