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This afterlife wasn't meant for us.

You've died, and awoken in a strange, concrete afterlife. Surreal landscapes blend together in impossible ways. Monsters made of fingers and teeth and hair attack you on sight. Your heart floats visible in your chest, bearing the mark of your death.

You need to get out. Luckily, there may just be a way.

In this place, your emotional baggage takes form. Weapons made of anger and despair, armor made of longing and suspicion, wealth made of regret. By wielding these tools, you can fight back, delve deeper, and maybe eventually break free of this cursed place. You need your life back. Can you take it?

KATABASIS is a folkpunk pointcrawl ttrpg about exploring, accepting, and rejecting death, inspired by the Dark Souls trilogy, The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien, and the work of Jean-Pierre Ugarte, among others. It's a tactical combat game with a beginning and end, where death is a minor setback and the build you craft is a reflection of who you once were as a person. This version is the second edition, taking many of the ideas from the original release three years ago and dramatically revamping them. Anyone who supported the original version gets this one free, forever. Thank you.

-Character creation
-Combat mechanics
-Guides to Spirits and the Afterlife
-The Shoreline, where new spirits wake
-The Raised Forest, a winding path through a deadly forest sitting precariously on pillars of concrete
-The Lakes of Glass, where spirits can catch glimpses of their previous life
-Indexes containing a host of additional monsters and equipment
-The official soundtrack, and a detailed guide to safety tools

-Mechanics for using Attributes in other ways
-Two more Paths in the First Circle of the Afterlife, plus two more Circles
-NPCs and Communities that grow and change as you revisit them
-A ton more equipment to find, create, and earn
-A bunch more monsters, with deeply unsettling abilities and synergies
-Extensive indexes and additional tools for running the game
-How to die to a Psychopomp
-Maybe, hopefully, a way to escape.

CategoryPhysical game
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Tagsafterlife, death, Dungeon Crawler, Tabletop role-playing game


Buy Now$16.00 USD or more

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YAYYYYYYY oh my god i've been so excited for this game YALL!!!!!!!!! the prose in this game is so evocative i can't wait to read it aloud to a table of players. i haven't had the chance to play yet but im soooo excited to!! dicey dungeons in a surreal horror universe. check out this game what are u waiting for !!