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The afterlife wasn’t built for us.

Welcome to KATABASIS, a surreal folkpunk pointcrawl about spirits wielding symbolic manifestations of their mistakes in life in an attempt to escape the clutches of death.

You died, and washed ashore in this strange place. You met spirits who told you to accept your fate, who urged you to make do with your new circumstances, but you refused. You need to return to life, and you'll do anything for a chance at it. So you wield your pain and bare your heart, and you set off into the darkness with a group of like-minded fools. You will struggle, you will fail, and you will die a hundred more deaths, but anything's better than lying down and fading away.

This is a beta version of KATABASIS, with enough material to build characters and make your first trek through the lands of death. As the game is updated, all three Circles of the afterlife will be filled in, with new monsters, equipment, Paths, Settlements, and NPCs journeying alongside you. Eventually, we'll even reach the ends of the afterlife, and discover what dark secrets lurk there. Buying now will help me continue adding all the strange and incredible things I have planned for this game, and will also get you all future versions as they're released. Moreover, you'll have the opportunity to shape the game as it's being made- if you have questions, comments, concerns, or anything else, please don't hesitate to get in touch!


Buy Now$16.00 USD or more

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